Sloe Berry GiN 700ml

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2019 Release

of  very special deliciously rich

Sloe GiN

Big Tree Sloe Berry GiN 2019 release

is now bottled and ready to find a new home.


This special batch is rich with sloes, it's dark and delicious. All sloes hand picked in Tasmania by the distillers Catherine and Gary and with the incredible help of Catherine's brother Alex.

Thank you Alex we couldn't have done it without you :)


Made the old-fashioned English way. We waited for the first frost and then went to Tassie to Catherine’s old home town in Northern Tasmania. We picked 102 kg of berries from a friend’s farm (Thanks Prue and Nick x). We spent a lovely couple of days picking on their beautiful farm. The Blackthorns (Prunus spinosa or Sloe) were originally planted in Tasmania as hedge rows by English settlers. Blackthorns were useful as they provided protection to to farmers for their valuable livestock and the berries also made the beloved Sloe Gin tipple reminding them of back home in England. These sloes are steeped in history and in our award winning gin....Enjoy!



307 Hennerbergs Road, Newham, Macedon Ranges, Victoria, Australia 3442 

(Note: access Hennerbergs via Whitebridge Road) Off Three Chain Road

Catherine 0400 998 943

Gary 0419 894 726


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Saturday, Sunday 11am - 4pm

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