Meet Beryl, the Copper Still

The shape of the still is important to get the right flavour of the gin, as the amount of internal re-flux varies between different still shapes.


We decided to use an all Australian still designed by Knapp Lewer in Hobart Tasmania. Beryl, our 300 litre pot still has a lovely big belly to allow us to steep the gin botanicals overnight along with the farms pure rain water and the neutral grain spirit. 

We are a plastic straw free distillery

At the distillery we use copper straws for our cocktails.

We are a plastic straw free distillery. If you would like to purchase a set we will have them available in our shop soon. 

More on copper...

Copper looks beautiful for a start, there is nothing quite like seeing loads of copper gleaming when you walk into the distillery. But an interesting fact is that copper actually plays an important and essential role in the making of gin. Copper is a wonderful heat conductor which means that in a copper still the heat evenly disperses over the surface, allowing for an efficient distillation and the production of great tasting gin.

Some stills can be made from stainless steel, aluminium, and a range of other materials, but we love copper.

Copper reacts with the molecules in the distillation process and helps to produce a naturally clean and smooth spirit. Stripping out volatile compounds and removing any unwanted flavours and aromas from the final product.


Copper has natural antimicrobial properties is corrosion resistant, malleable, dependable and recyclable. 



307 Hennerbergs Road, Newham, Macedon Ranges, Victoria, Australia 3442 

(Note: access Hennerbergs via Whitebridge Road) Off Three Chain Road

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Summer Opening Times

Saturday and Sunday
11am - 4pm
10am - 3pm
Drinks and Snacks available such as antipasto for two and cheese boards.
(Please note we do not take bookings it is a 'first in best dressed' venue).

COVID 19 restrictions apply. Respect Social Distancing. Maximum group size is 10 patrons, 2hr time limit. Face masks must be worn whilst not seated.

Please scan/sign in your contact details on arrival

and hand sanitise.

Thank you.

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Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 it is an offence:
- To supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years (Penalty exceeds $17,000)
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